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Steve Jubb

“Having worked with Rowland over a number of years I can say that he is an inspiring leader who can not only transform a team or an organisation but take the people and teams along with him on the journey. He differs from other people in his field with his in-depth knowledge of large projects and transformation and the ability to strongly communicate across all levels. Another key attribute of Rowlands is his ability to get to the route of a problem quickly working through the red tape to understand the real issues and finding a solution.
I would highly recommend Rowland to anyone looking for strong leadership and a great strategic mind, with his strong background in Transport senior project management Rowland would be a great fit to any organisation.

Christine Atkins

“I have known Rowland for a number of years and have seen his experience & confidence grow resulting in the highly capable and inspiring leader he is today. He is both driven (for himself and his team), yet insightful and sensitive in his approach – always resulting in incredible achievements, often beyond what seemed possible at the outset!
I am constantly inspired by Rowland’s personal and professional achievements and his ability to constantly strive to be the best he can be. I am very proud to be part of his network and his friend.

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Paul Unwin

“I’ve known Rowland as a valued work colleague, when we were both at Highways England, for over seven years. In that time, we worked closely together on the tender assessment of the quality and behavioural aspects of the Collaborative Delivery Framework (CDF).
Rowland impressed me with his positive work ethic and enthusiasm. He cares passionately for the mental health and wellbeing of others, and shares about his own journey.
Through his engaging and thoughtful sharing of his own life journey I know that his experience has touched and helped many with their own wellbeing, which is to be commended.
Thank you Rowland for your thoughtful, patient and sensitive leadership, especially in this space.

Tim Carr

“Rowland is a powerhouse and the best sort of team player. We met when I was a contractor for a government agency in which he held a senior role. I couldn’t have wished for a more honest, candid, and forthright comrade and our working relationship developed over many years into an important personal friendship. He has a commitment to justice that is second to none and is someone that I have come to count on and have never been disappointed. As a senior leader Rowland has vision, exceptional desire to understand and seek clarity and is unequivocally reliable, conscience and committed.
Given the opportunity I’d leap at the chance to hit the ground running and work together again

Iria Abalo

“I had the great opportunity to work with Rowland on the M4 and M16 projects. Despite of him being in a much more senior role than me, very high up in the organisation, and not reporting to him directly or seeing him too often, there was something on him that made me really trust him. I had a personal struggle at some point and decided to turn to him. And guess what, I not only found the support I was looking for but a leader who took accountability of serious problems on the organisation and, very quietly used his leadership and managerial skills to influence change in an impeccable manner.
He doesn’t hesitate to share his story, inspiring many people, specially the youngest generation of managers. Contributing to creating better places to work, making an impact in work culture with no doubt.
I found not only a good manager but also a coach and a mentor, and a true friend.

Paulina Castro

“I had the opportunity to work with Rowland at the CPCA as part of the Delivery and Strategy team. He is one of the most enthusiastic professionals I’ve worked with and is willing to go out of his way to help others, with professional/technical queries as with more personal issues. He is one of the friendliest people I have met, and his ability to deal with any problem and teach you along the way is remarkable, and always with a warm smile. I highly recommend his expertise and would love to work with him again.

Andrew Tatt

“Rowland is a well-connected and respected, experienced transport professional. I’ve worked closely with Rowland on multi-million civic engineering transport schemes, which have completed on time and to budget. All the best Rowland.

Stew Evans

“Rowland and I worked together in both a coaching course and in a companywide leadership programme in the mid 2010’s. Where I admire Rowland is he is always honest, dependable, and completely insightful. I’ve learnt extensively from his determination, his calming nature, and his ability to inspire. In 2021 we worked together again on a presentation he gave to my colleagues sharing his experiences. He gave his time and himself pro bono and helped catalyse a great conversation with 50+ colleagues. Always a pleasure.

Noel O’Neill

“Rowland is a deliverer. He helped shape the Transport Strategy for the MCA but actually moved schemes forward to real projects. As Director of Finance, I was able to rely on his diligence and skill to bring forward projects with appropriate budgets and timeframe. Equally he performance managed and reviewed the whole programme in line with the corporate approach. Rowland worked collaboratively with colleagues from other disciplines across the organisation and contributed to the wider ambition. What is more he did it with a smile and great humour.


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