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“Creating delivery pathways from vision to implementation by aligning and linking likeminded clients and technical teams looking to transform the way our infrastructure and transport modes work for people and freight across the globe.” – Rowland Potter, Managing Director Executive Consultancy Services Ltd

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Corporate – Transport & Infrastructure

At ECS Ltd, we are passionate about creating vision and delivery pathways, developing strategies, and implementing them to generate an outcome fit for the public.

We have 17+ years of experience in major and complex infrastructure projects across the UK.

We have been involved in improving services such as road, rail, active travel, passenger transport and most recently, decarbonisation in transport.

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Corporate Social Responsibility – Volunteering

Social value is embedded within our organisation, and we are committed to giving at least 8 hours per week to helping others in the community.

As a recovering alcoholic with 25 Years of sobriety, our Managing Director knows the importance of listening to others, demonstrating humanity and making a difference through positive action.

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Coaching and Mentoring

Setting and striving to achieve goals is essential for success, but you will only get far if you develop on your skills and behaviours.

At Executive Consultancy Services Ltd, we will help you to evolve and transform into the best version of yourself through efficient and effective coaching and mentoring.

recovering quickly from difficulties


A vast majority of us rely on natural resilience to survive trauma as it occurs.

This might work for normal, everyday situations, but what if you could build resilience to recover quicker from significant events, minimising the impact on you and those closest to you in those challenging times?

We will help you explore your resilience baseline and present you with opportunities to develop and enhance resilience in the good times to mitigate the challenges ahead.

Everything gets better when we work together!

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We believe that when we work together, we can achieve much more while helping each other out.

That’s why we collaborate with various businesses in many different ways.

“To go fast, go alone. To go far, go together” – African proverb


We’ve had great success with clients since commencing trade in June 2022.

In our first 6 months, we secured contracts with three clients across technical supply chain, local authority and even one international joint venture.

Take at look at how we’ve worked together to make positive changes within the industry.