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What can Executive Consultancy Services do for you?

Maximise the current climate of cost crisis and delayed government funding to grow your business.

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Bold Claims,
so how?

Why Executive Consultancy Services Ltd:

We bring 17 plus years of Project and Portfolio experience from administrator to Executive Director level.

Tender experience as supplier and client
Lobbying for funding, building business cases
Providing expert advice to procurement colleagues
Providing expert advice to commercial and legal colleagues

Understanding the need to answer the question, both from submission and evaluation.

Cutting our teeth on projects valued from £10,000 to £6,000,000,000, across central, regional, and local government plus technical design consultancy experience.

Easing the process by increased awareness of client challenges

smooths the process and accelerates engagement from initial engagement.

Developed soft skills, through Future Engage Deliver (FED)

leadership training and Barefoot Personal and Business Coaching qualification.

Expertise in Transactional Analysis, combined with Functional Fluency

understanding the dynamics of engagement, and aligning conversations to eradicate the Drama Triangle and create Win Triangle.

Rowland Potter ECS walking over the Lincoln railway bridge

Managing Director – Rowland Potter

  • Passionate about people.
  • Passionate about air quality
  • Passionate about safer spaces for all
  • Corporate Growth Business Consultant