Single Coaching/Mentoring Session

Single Coaching/Mentoring Session


Our 5 Year Personal and Professional Planning programme will help:

  • Baseline worklife balance
  • Dare to dream
  • Set a structure to those dreams
  • Work back to half hour daily review
  • Set one action per day to achieve those goals.
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Five Year Planning – Personal / Professional – “goals are just a structured dream” practicing 5 year personal and professional planning, helps to baseline your life and dream. Setting structure around those dreams and developing, then implementing a programme of activities to enable achievement of those goals.

Resilience – Life has its challenges for everyone at some point, the question is have you built resilience for facing those challenges and working through them or are you vulnerable. Resilience is something that can be built through the less challenging times of life just in case you need it.

This session is for one hour with Rowland to help you meet your goals.

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